Friday, July 5, 2013

Travel Diaries: Scoping out San Francisco

Hope you enjoyed your Fourth of July! I did ;-)

A lot of the trips I go on are for vacationing or to spend time with family. Most recently, I just got back from San Francisco for a business trip. I have never been to San Francisco so aside from chauffeuring the husband to his meetings it was a sight seeing running around seeing the city type of trip. I love those kinds of trips but at the risk of sounding like a senior citizen,  man are they tiring. It's safe to say I fell asleep every  night the second my head hit the pillow.

We stayed at the Hilton, a beautiful hotel in the Financial District near the piers and Union Square. We did the major things like cross the Golden Gate Bridge (which is burnt orange), eyed Lombard the crookedest street (aside from Wall St. ;-) visited Alcatraz which I like to call Azkaban, took pictures of the sea lions at Pier 39, watched the Pride Parade, hugged a redwood tree in Muir Woods, and drank wine at a winery in Napa Valley. I was quite the busy bee :)

If you've visited San Francisco before what did you enjoy during your visit?

Outfit of the Moment Posts will follow with more details of my crazy outfits

Anthem of the trip

Some libations to start our trip off with :)

A much nicer boat than what Alcatraz prisoners probably rode in on

Despite the depressing ruins this island has a beautiful view! And some crazy ass wind!

the moment where you think your husband
is talking on the phone but actually snapping a pic

Pretty details of my shirt and necklaces which i call double decker necklacing

Farewell Azkaban

Golden Gate Bridge :-)

Gay Pride Festival/Parade

One of the four beautiful hearts on display in Union Sq.
I love how Gary coordinates with the heart :-)

Trying to go to a beach but ending up at a local fishing pier

Catching Dinner

Vegetarian Kosher Chinese food at Shangri-La yummo!!!

Muir  National Woods
So much beautiful scenery

Like my husband snapping a photo! 

We are official tree huggers!

Hegefen Winery
We did a tasting so we had 5 glasses of these . .. . heheehe

Quick peek of the process

Beautiful winery ideal for sipping a glass of the vino

Yay we love wine! 5 glasses of love!

What an amazing trip! 

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