Friday, July 20, 2012

Confessions from a Firecrackers Dressing Room

Seeing how often I go shopping I might as well share the awkward and fun experience with you - and why a piece of clothing should go home with me at the end of the night . . . . so may I introduce to you dear readers Confessions from a Dressing Room.

Given all the drama between Tavi Gevinson, the original fashion blogger so jelly of her work,  and Seventeen (not that my work is anyway near theirs), I am going to put it out there  that this new series was inspired by one of my favorite petite bloggers -  Extra Petite.

Also I've been obsessing over this song

BCBG  . . . .
    I love that store. Everything is fun, classic and timeless and most importantly modest. Most of the time I walk out with a purchase because everything is so beautiful.

This is a gorgeous hi-lo skirt I drooled over when I saw it online. The perfect neutral tank day dress! BCBG was having a super sale of an extra 20% off all their sale merchandise so I thought I would give it a try! OOOoo I was not expecting this when I tried it on ^

Fit: I like clingy because who likes to get lost in a garment? But seeing the indentation of my belly button? Too much! I picked up an XXS and an XS and they differed very little in circled ares - even the length?!

Price: One of the methods I use when shopping - I pick things up I like, I try them on and if doesn't fit or werk I don't even bother with the price tag. Buuut if something werks with my figure/shape and I LOVE it, a and I can't stop thinking about - yes I get that way with clothes - I check out the price and then debate on getting it lol. 

Basically I don't know how much this dress cost lol. 

Speaking of love, I loooove love this skirt. 

Fit: I think I picked up a small. I could've gone bigger or smaller because its like wearing a bright green (chartreuse) spanx - it hugs and snugs you in :-). I have a weakness for pencil skirts. Whoever invented them was a genius - figuring how to make a woman's waist look small and curves look, well curvier ;-) just amazing! Thank you!

Price: This was originally $148. It was 60% off and was an additional 20% off - making it $77 and some change. A worthwhile splurge in my opinion. Extra bonus - I lugged myself to Ross Park Mall so technically I saved on shipping too lol! 

Other factors: I love the length of this skirt! Being a pencil skirt it sits high my waistline I can tug it down to be more modest (as pictured) or hike it up a little for nights out ;-)

I went to Florida (post coming soon) packed this and one other skirt and wore it a million different ways - another post I should do lol. 

Mini Closet Score

 I am sure you remember a little contest I entered a while back. I won two gift cards - one to Free People and one to Anthropologie. After July 1st w/ my birthday coupon (July 23 cause I know you are wondering ;-) and my gift card in hand I hurried to make the current summer sale they were running. I got two pieces. The printed sheer cardigan which is so much prettier in real life and the bright blue cerulean netted dress/top. I think I'll settle on calling it a chic beach cover up. I haven't figured it out yet but as soon as I do I will sharing it with you. I also picked up this really cute polka dot top and my beloved chartreuse BCBG skirt - which can be paired with all three tops pictured!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Travel Diary: Red Hot N' Blue in BMore

And the traveling continues!

I would love to stick in a post of a yummy recipe or fun nails or a mind blowing creative DIY  but between traveling, work, working out, crashing on the couch, and the awful suffocating heat I am pooped!

I was so tired last Friday we almost didn't make it to Baltimore. I decided last minute I would gird my loins and just make the trip because who doesn't love a quick weekend getaway!

Why Baltimore? Really no good reason than it's really close to Pittsburgh and I have never visited the Inner Harbor. We also got a chance to visit Gary's sister Lisa - it's always so nice to catch up with family!

There was a lot to see during the day! They had ships from the 1800's, an aquarium, and the biggest Barnes & Noble I have seen yet! We stayed in a charming hotel called Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore - funny name right! Lovely hotel yucky neighborhood! Let's just say when we took a stroll at night I clung to Gary regardless of the fact that there was a police officer on every corner - a simultaneously reassuring and troubling thought.

This spacious room for less than $100 a night! Yay hotwire!
Lookin stylish in Gary's plain white tee.
I took a shower the night before applied no hair product and woke up with these crazy curls.
Funky metal tree sculpture amidst the the blue blue water
Horray for the red white and blue!
Top: F21, Skirt: French Tube Skirt, Shoes:, Necklace: F21, Polish: Sally Hansen White out, Crazy hair: Au Natural 
Trying to cool off! Not working!
AAaaaagh! Shark!
Baby there's shark in the water . . .
And dragons! Not as pretty as the swan boats in Boston but just as fun! 
All timer boat that I am sure is fraught with history
This picture could've been the perfect pin up pic if I hadn't made such a face lol 
Doin their best to get me wet. Silly pirates!

Lovers forever 
More fun sculture stuff 
Slow your roll. You are now entering the state where drivers drive less than the posted speed limit

Crazy faces to match crazy hair. What do you think of the nails?
 Got the idea from Kandee Johnson - love her blog!
Yay road trip getaways! 

Wanna hang out more  . . . .

Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Firecracker Holiday!

So far every year the way Gary and I celebrated the 4th of July has been different. Keepin it fresh!

Two years ago we had a backyard "BBQ" with lasagna, ice cream, and jello shots - because I hate meat. Last year we were in Cancun - not so patriotic there whoops!

This year I worked at LaVida for a partial day, did some shopping with a friend (post coming soon!) and headed to fireworks with my main man Gary! I am surprised we had energy to get drinks after with the heat but hey who doesn't have energy when it comes to delicious frozen alcoholic beverages :-)

Firecracker Holiday!

Shirt: Banana Republic (last seen here), Skirt: Japan, Belt: J. Crew, Shoes: Aldo, Necklace: H&M, Bracelet: ASOS

For some reason I just couldn't put my arm down?! lol

Feeling right at home with my fellow firecrackers!
The Painkiller - YuM!
Rum, Coconut, Pineapple Juice, Orang Juice, Topped with Nutmeg
Sooo good!
Wanna hang out more  . . . .

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Travel Diary: Cedar Point Rapids!

Weekend Getaway time!

   There are times when we just get so restless that we will do anything to just git outa town! We made the quick drive from Pittsburgh to Sandusky, Ohio in three short hours  last Saturday night. The 70 mph would've been awesome if there wasn't road work every ten miles?! We stayed in a cheapo Days Inn hotel a couple miles away from you guessed it Cedar Point Amusement park. 

Fun facts about the hotel we stayed in:

  • Never sleep in a room across the ice machine you WILL  stay up all night.
  • Double bed rooms suck. 
    • While I refuse to sleep in a separate bed then my husband, he is much taller than me (full 12 inch difference) and he hogs up a lot of space in the full sized bed and I neeeed my sleeping space like most Kamensky's (my maiden name.) I stuck it out for love. 
  • Also . . . the power went out for hours after the storm and the internet went down and they didn't let us use the pool after the storm :-P

It's always interesting going to amusement parks with Gary since he is a Grandpa and doesn't love rides. He says he does it because he likes to watch my face filled with glee as we twist and turn and go upside down on nauseating ridess.  * Siiiiiiiiiigh * I like going to appease my inner child.

I have no idea why everything was Snoopy themed?
Proud endorser of Wingman!
And how hot does he make them look?
Don't answer that just nod your head in mutual agreement
They had a mini petting zoo! How cute are these baby goats!!
Please take note of my super comfy practical :-P shoes
Shirt: Gifted (Montreal Neuroscience conference that Gary went to that I gladly missed - never ever go there in the winter), Shorts: J. Crew, Shoes: Converse, Bag: ShoeDazzle, Earrings: Gifted (Mexico), Shades: F21
Little Boys and Their Toys
Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger, Shorts: Target, Shoes: Naot
Why the change of clothes you may ask? Every diva knows to maintain awesomeness by switching it up :-)

. . . . .  but really I'm indecisive and I changed into this muumuu dress for during and post water rides Gary is so fond of
Crazy Wildness Floral Print Lady
Dress: H&M $5 steal!!
Clearly enjoying our amusement park goodies 
Snuggling up in our temporary shelter in a photobooth.
What is up with that pinkness? I slathered on SO MUCH sunscreen!!
The Tornado Warning Worthy storm!
The HUGE hail!
I am so glad we weren't on that!
Talk about a happy ending! 
God making it up to us
All in all a good trip because I got to have my lover all to myself :-)