Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Travel Diary: Japan Part III

Day 4: Friday, May 25
Kyoto & Nara

Gary played hooky (for those youngins that means to ditch on an activity) on his conference so we could tour more of Japan. We decided upon Kyoto, which used to be the capitol of Japan, the home of the Imperial family, and where many shrines and temples are.  We added Nara to the tour based on the sole fact that we would get to pet deer. Deer are holy according to Shintuism and the Japanese don't eat them.  Many deer can be found near the Big Buddha and other revered locations.

After our exhausting day out, where we met many single travelers who had a lot to say along with an Israeli couple which we shared heated conversations with, we headed back to Nagoyo to break bread - or in this case sushi with Gary's boss Dr. Hideo Okada who is originally from Japan. He is well aware that we keep kosher and are vegatarian so he ordered for us at a traditional Japanese restaurant accordingly. I took photos of the food we didnt eat because well - it just looks entertaining! You'll see . . .  .

The Shinkansen - or Bullet Train
Rice fields
It was a bus tour so fitting to have a bus picture. Fun fact: The red circle on our shirts signified we were vegetarians - damn these people are good!
Beautiful gardens in Nijo Castle, the temporary Imperial Palace of the Shogin in Kyoto
Smiling! In front of some gold building 
Shirt: UO, Sweater: H&M, Skirt: F1,  Shoes: Merrel/Little's Shoes Store, Necklace: Gifted/Rikki, Earrings: Mexico, Bag: Aldo
Literally coated in gold
Lunch Break! The only thing I ate from this was the vegetarian miso soup w/ tofu.What would you eat?

Moshe "casually" talking to Gary
Big Buddah

Deer Park in Nara! These deer were so friendly - as long as you had food

Little Miss Posey Posey at the site of the Temple Lantern Park
Avacodo Tofu! Ding Ding Ding! This I ate! It tasted soooo weird. But better to eat it than starve lol
Flying Fish! This fish literally flies! Thus the wings sticking out of the bowl
Mini Squid? I have no idea what this is - so no I didn't eat it
Plum Liqueur Cocktail - Delish!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Travel Diary: Japan Part II

I think I was published on another site . . . . not quite sure but a blog tweeted a link to a post with my first Travel Diary to Japan - so I guess that means I was published right? 

Yay! I am now a published blogger!

Now back to blogging . . . .

Day 3

Last night after I published the first post for Japan, Gary got this idea we should try to find clothes for the next day, I was sooo tired and zonked but I knew Gary NEEDED clothes - I had an extra pair of necessities packed on my carry on so I wasn't in dire need of a change of clothes. We called the front desk and they told us about a store called Don Kyoto (probably not spelling that right :-( . We were shocked that a store was open at 11:45 pm but we were even more surprised that they would sell formal wear. We grabbed a cab (he pressed a button and the door automatically swung open how cool is that!) and took us to a store that is a cross between Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid, and an arcade place. 

They had EVERYTHING! Mega packs of fake eyelashes, restaurants, arcade games, bedding, toiletries, suits, sex toys, pots and pans, kimonos - when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING! I grabbed a shirt, skit, and a bra - I never travel in one waaaay too uncomfy, and Gary bought a tie, shoes, t-shirts, and a white dress shirt. Gary is 6' tall and very broad and the store may have had everything but the kitchen sink but they did NOT have normal American sizing! The biggest size they had was a 30''?!

We woke up at the crack of dawn even though we went to bed really late, Gary got coffee and I got sweet bread covered with ice cream (I swear it looked like whipped cream in the picture) and a cinnamon latte. After a power breakfast we headed to Nagoya Central Station because they had a mall there and we were still on a quest to find Gary pants. 

After searching all the stores and with no results it was time to call in back up. Masasuki, a collegue of Gary's that did research in Pittsburgh and moved back to Nagoya, was called and he called his wife and recommended an amazing store with affordable pants in the correct size! Yay!! Mission accomplished. We headed to the Nagoya Conference Center ASAP and Gary made it in time to present!

He doesn't let me watch but knowing him, he knocked the audience's socks off! While he was presenting I chilled with my kindle and as soon as he was finished we hopped on a train to buy a dress for the Presidential Dinner for the conference. I went reaallly conservative with the clothes not wanting to offend anyone or stand out too much. Like that will ever happen with this head of hair . . . . 

Posey posey in my new clothes from Don Kyoto
Gary looking all business like in his tie and dress shirt. If you know him, you know his uniform is a t, shorts, and flip flops so I HAD to capture this moment
Yummmy cappuccino! Please excuse the no make up and hair - I had no product or blow dryer :-(

Ice cream for breakfast. Yup no biggie
Some streets have no side walks or cross walks, instead bridge like sidewalks for pedestrians only.
Also Japanese always walk on the left. 
Japanese Sweet Tammy's
Lots of school girls in uniforms. Lots of black and white formal wear.
Fun nails!
Myself, Mitsugu (Gary's former colleague), Gary
The gilded orca in the background represents water and supposed to protect the place from fire
Crazy cool sculpture in the Nagoya Conference Center courtyard. This thing was huge! 
Twisted apartment/office building
Who does not fit in . . . .  as usual
l to r: Dr. Fujii, Gary, and Jackie
Men talking serious business
I would looove to give credit to the designers but I have no idea who they are?!
My bag is from Aldo though

Good news! My luggage came in tonight! Just in time! I really needed my new hiking shoes - the only practical pair of shoes I own - for tomorrow cause to Nara and Kyoto we go!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Travel Diary: Japan Part I

Day 1

Whoooooa I am ZONKED!

 Its Wednesday 8:45 am in Pittsburgh and 11:45 pm in Japan - we've been traveling since 12 pm on Tuesday! Traveling can be such a mess!!!

Everything was fine while we were waiting in the United Lounge and we left to go to our gate on time to only realize it was delayed to the point where we missed our connecting flight in Chicago! We had to wait on a HUGE line to try to figure it out but luckily they switched our flight from United to American Airlines and the downside . .  . . we lost all our specifications we requested a week earlier like roomier seating for Gary's injured leg and kosher food.

 The flight attendants looked at us like we were crazy when we asked if there was by any chance kosher or vegetarian food "Guys you need to order that at least 24 hours in advance" my reply was "Ma'am we are lucky we are on this flight even!"

As if we wanted to switch our international tickets last minute?!

The best (worst) part . . . . yup you guessed it! With all the confusion and switching of flights they lost our luggage! Gary is going to scramble to find a suit to present in and no outfit posts until I can buy or get my luggage :-(

In the airport lounge.
I'm not a pants person but for traveling sake - my legs gotsa to be kept warm on the freezing plane!
Do you like Gary's foot?

Day 2

Another plane ride from Tokyo to Nagoya and two train rides later we made it to our hotel! Prime location baby! Just half a block from the subway!

My first thoughts:

By the time we hit Nagoya train station it was 10 pm and the station was bustling! A lot of the girls were dressed really juvenile like something you would see in an anime comic book (flowy dresses, huge hair, platform shoes) but most were dressed  really formal and I mean black business suits on men and women, black tie, black brief case . . . basically a sea of young and old professionals dressed in black and white. I wonder if all these people were really working until 10 pm - now that's what you call work ethic!

As we attempt to navigate the country the people who we have asked for help so far have been very eager to help and so polite!

First purchase! Next purchase plans . . . sushi or shoes? hmmm
We made it!
 And still looking fresh if I may say so myself!

I will keep you posted on my second thoughts . . . . ;-)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Pinspiration #3 DIY Galaxy Nails

I fell in love with galaxy nails every since I saw a BirchBox post (can't track it down sorry :-( with a link to a tutorial on how to do them. I right away pinned a photo of the nails because they looked AMAZING and I didn't want it to lose the link like I've lost many a good DIY tutorials in the mess of the interwebs.

I loved that galaxy nails don't require a crazy technique or colors I wouldn't be able to find!

It's been so long since I've done a Pinspiration post and but I suck at this consistency thing but hey I made it to #3!

Pinspiration #3
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Follow her steps to get the exact technique 

After applying a dark base coat add the mint color as the "nebulas" 
Sponge and blend the blue and pink polishes around the mint
Apply the the smaller gradient of glitter polish then apply two or three of the larger sparkles to each nail
All cleaned up and ready to roll!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chanel Resort 2013 - Romantic Pastel Yumminess

Karl Lagerfeld. 


           Inspires sex dreams.

                     Talented Designer. 

However you may define him,  Chanel Resort 2013 is one of the most romantic collections's and is bound to inspire a girl to sell her right arm to wear thanks to Karl. So many soft colors and shapes that compliment the feminine form. The collection was inspired by the Marie Antoinette and rebellion during her reign.  According to Karl its supposed to be rock n' roll? I don't care if his statement contradicts the clothes - my heart just melts looking at them.

Of course I can't not talk about the pastel hued hair colors! As huge as the colors are in fashion and I know the ones in the show were probably wigs, would you go as far as to color your hair lavender or mint?

My Favorite Looks
Photos Courtesy of Fashionologie

My Favorite of the Favorites
 This will definitely be seen at events in Hollywood

Second Favorite Look
I love the colors and the watercolor print going on. Its the perfect day dress!

Such pretty delicate details with structure to kill
The way the roses contrast against the bare white is stunning and I love how
they are at the waist bringing attention to the slimmest area of the body
The fullness and coverage of the skirt balances out the sheer sexiness of the top
Feather and prettyful details stitched on the waist and shoulders in the palest of lavenders. I love it!
Dying over the oversized necklace and layered over this perfect simple white dress
This gold maxi skirt is amazing and so versatile.
I could definitely see it being worn for both formal and casual occasions

Slightly Outlandish

Three feet wide shorts? Say whaaaat?
Lovely top and really cute shorts, but flashing ass is a little much for me
Capris? Blech! These dont look good on any woman especially paired with platform sneakers.
I am drooling over the bag and bracelets though