Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chanel Resort 2013 - Romantic Pastel Yumminess

Karl Lagerfeld. 


           Inspires sex dreams.

                     Talented Designer. 

However you may define him,  Chanel Resort 2013 is one of the most romantic collections's and is bound to inspire a girl to sell her right arm to wear thanks to Karl. So many soft colors and shapes that compliment the feminine form. The collection was inspired by the Marie Antoinette and rebellion during her reign.  According to Karl its supposed to be rock n' roll? I don't care if his statement contradicts the clothes - my heart just melts looking at them.

Of course I can't not talk about the pastel hued hair colors! As huge as the colors are in fashion and I know the ones in the show were probably wigs, would you go as far as to color your hair lavender or mint?

My Favorite Looks
Photos Courtesy of Fashionologie

My Favorite of the Favorites
 This will definitely be seen at events in Hollywood

Second Favorite Look
I love the colors and the watercolor print going on. Its the perfect day dress!

Such pretty delicate details with structure to kill
The way the roses contrast against the bare white is stunning and I love how
they are at the waist bringing attention to the slimmest area of the body
The fullness and coverage of the skirt balances out the sheer sexiness of the top
Feather and prettyful details stitched on the waist and shoulders in the palest of lavenders. I love it!
Dying over the oversized necklace and layered over this perfect simple white dress
This gold maxi skirt is amazing and so versatile.
I could definitely see it being worn for both formal and casual occasions

Slightly Outlandish

Three feet wide shorts? Say whaaaat?
Lovely top and really cute shorts, but flashing ass is a little much for me
Capris? Blech! These dont look good on any woman especially paired with platform sneakers.
I am drooling over the bag and bracelets though

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