Friday, May 18, 2012

Pinspiration #3 DIY Galaxy Nails

I fell in love with galaxy nails every since I saw a BirchBox post (can't track it down sorry :-( with a link to a tutorial on how to do them. I right away pinned a photo of the nails because they looked AMAZING and I didn't want it to lose the link like I've lost many a good DIY tutorials in the mess of the interwebs.

I loved that galaxy nails don't require a crazy technique or colors I wouldn't be able to find!

It's been so long since I've done a Pinspiration post and but I suck at this consistency thing but hey I made it to #3!

Pinspiration #3
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Follow her steps to get the exact technique 

After applying a dark base coat add the mint color as the "nebulas" 
Sponge and blend the blue and pink polishes around the mint
Apply the the smaller gradient of glitter polish then apply two or three of the larger sparkles to each nail
All cleaned up and ready to roll!

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