Monday, February 27, 2012

Inspiring Arms and Valentine's Day

Quick fashion moment before I get all gushy and romantic about my Vday plans from this year.

Please put your hands together for one the most beautiful women in the world Freida Pinto. Some people have thinspirations (or is that just something from Sh*t Fashion Girls Say?!) but I have power in shape-spirations. I believe in healthy beautiful. While Freida borders on very slim her arms are all power. I want!

Here is to healthy in shape arms! Cross your fingers for me that I keep up my gym/yoga routine to accomplish these arms!

Valentine's Day:

      I never really cared about Valentine's Day until I had my own Valentine. It just seemed like an extraneous holiday that has no purpose. Vday took on a whole new meaning when I met my lover. It became a day for us to recognize the wonderfulness of each other. 

 This year although we didn't have a do anything too formal cause Gary had a huge presentation the next day for work but we still took the time to have a romantic dinner :-) and he gave me a BEAUTIFUL present (besides for his love).

Pretty present from my lover
David Yurman from Orr's Jewelers 

The stereotype about doctors and chick scratch . . . . . .  so true

Heaven Lover's Caramel Chocolate Mousse Pie from Sweet Tammy's

Simple Healthy Light Dinner
Baked Salmon, Twice Baked Potato, Celery Sticks, Rhodes Rolls

Cheesy yumminess of Twice Baked Potato

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