Friday, February 3, 2012

What to do for New Years . . .

I can't say I'm one for planning ahead. In fact I can definitely say I am the biggest smallest (reference to my < 5 ft stature) last minute planner in the world. So when New Years Eve rolls around it's no surprise that I have no plans two days before.

I ran to Giant Eagle Thursday night where I bought some pins for the awesome First Night program the Pittsburgh CLO throws every year downtown. Just a quick summary of what First Night in case your city doesn't offer it, it's a community and family oriented, alcohol-free celebration of the arts.

Me and Gary were lucky enough to be accompanied by my brother and sister-in-law David and Leah. We saw the shows given by local musicians House of Soul and the talented members of Cello Fury. It was so nice to have a wonderful night with family where we could enjoy ourselves without the need to be inebriated. And it was beautiful. 

Posing with Mr. Steely McBeam
Outside the Benedum Theatre seating. Can't see I'll be sitting in the orchestra seating every time though
Cello Fury!! Their hair aaaaalmost struggles to compete with their music for attention.
Farewell 2011!
Helloooooo 2012 and pretty fireworks!
I'm totally jealous of the pink boa! 

Outfit of the Moment: Leather and Loaded Up with Bling!

Chilling on Emergency Stair Case. Whatevs. Shirt: Urban Outfitters, Skirt: Wilson Leathers, Tights: Hue, Shoes: Chinese Laundry, Earrings: Boutique La Passerale, Ring: Wetseal

New Years I bring out all my bling
Sick Ring

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