Thursday, February 21, 2013

Chic Costumes . . . There is such a Thing But Why Now?

Purim - the Jewish version of Halloween is just around the corner! Purim (prounounced Pur-im - pur rhymes with fur) has always been one of my favorite holidays (tying with Chanukah.) Sorry to get all heavy on you but it's all about celebrating G-d's hidden hand in once again saving the Jewish people from the villain du jour - in this case Haman. The theme of Purim is all about things that are hidden and more importantly how G-d hid Himself. And we get to dress up! (again to symbolize the hiding business) And instead of going house to house to get candy from people we deliver fun food baskets to our friends and family! For more details on the holiday click here.

This year I am going to New York City for Purim to be with the other half of my family so I kinda get out of the whole giving to other people but friends and family you know where I live so don't forget to deliver 'cause I wanna see some fun packages when I get home ;) jk.

So dressing up . . . . women usually go the slutty route or not at all. I say lets shake things up and make this Purim chic! Here are 5 ideas from around the intertubes on how to find a sophisticated costume. You can interpret these costume ideas any way you want dialing the sexy down or up!

Fun song in honor of celebration of fun stuff and loving life!

5 Sophisticated Chic Costumes 

1. Super Sleuth
photo cred:  theGlaMourai
     Paint on a mask, grab a trench from your closet, stick on your heels, and Wallah! you are the new sophisticated kit in tow!

2. Mod Gal

Dig up that boat neck stashed in the back of your closet or that shift dress that you've been saving for some unknown occasion and make up your face like this icon Twiggy.

3. Bonnie from Bonnie and Clyde (boy toy optional.)

Pretty easy to accomplish from existing items in your closet right!

4. Ballerina

Photo Cred: KTR Style
Starting from Carrie from Sex and the City  tutu skirts have always been current and on point in fashion! Pair a big pink tulle skirt or short chiffon skirt with a plain black T or crop top, T-strap heels or ballet flats, and a high bun. I love this style because it is so feminine and flattering! American Apparel Always has a tutu skirts in stock and are now even on sale!
Purchase here.

5. Cat, Mouse, or Bunny - Adult Style

If you thought dressing up as an animal was just for kids think again! Dressing in all black al-a-Mary Kate and Ashley, set your favorite pair of ears on your head and you my dear will be the chicest cat in town!
Purchase here.

Are you dressing up for Purim? What are you dressing up as? Did this post help? Sound off in the comments section below!

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