Sunday, November 13, 2011

First Post: NYC Niece Trip

My first post in the blogosphere! So excited to share with you my fashion favorites,  family loves,  favorite recipes, reviews of things I love, and traveling adventures!

This past week I popped in to New York City, and when I say popped in I mean took an 8 hr bus  roundtrip within three days:-), to visit my new teeny tiny niece! I also got to shop and eat as much ice cream as possible with my favorite pixie haired sister! 

Perfect day in the park to eat sushi, salad, and catch up.
Hat: Target, Earrings: sister, Scarf: Aldo, Top: Avalon, Skirt: Sister 

Yummy fries at Basil in Brooklyn, NY

Holding my little preciousness Tehila
Top: JcPenny, Necklace: F21, Earrings: Sister

Baby Perfection

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