Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Makin' Some Mamajuana!

This is a sneaky prelude to my post tomorrow. *Southern Accent* I've got so much to shayeh I caaan't hold eet een 

We are entertaining this Friday night and are making Mamajuana drink for the first time! Here is the back story.

So me and my lover, something you should get used to me calling my husband, went on a love trip, in case you can't tell we are very much in love, to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic over Thanksgiving weekend! We were very tempted to sip this sumptuous drink of Mamajuana but alas it has wine in the ingredients, and we drink only kosher wine. The locals were so gung ho about this drink we felt bad rejecting it! We right away purchased the dried herbs so we can do it ourselves at home! All the more fun aye!

  Mamajuana is a drink from the Dominican Republic that is concocted by allowing rum, red wine, and honey to soak in a bottle with tree bark and herbs. The specific herbs that make up Mamajuana were originally prepared as an herbal tea by the native Taino Indians and much later in time, post-Columbus, alcohol was added to the recipe cause everything is better with alcohol. Many natives of the Dominican Republic claim that the drink is an aphrodisiac. Mamajuana is also consumed for its medicinal value.

Herbs Native Only to the Dominican Republic:
caro, anamu, brasil, marabeli, hoja de maguey, clavo dulce, bohuco and canelilla

3 c. Dark rum
1 c. Red wine
1 c. Honey
3 sticks of cinnamon

We simply mixed all the ingrediants and funneled them into about a half gallon jug we bought from Punta Cana. The longer you let the mix steep the smoooother the flava! Enjoy! I know we will!

*Note:* Before we made the drink we allowed the herbs to steep in a bottle of Cab Sav for a couple of days to get rid of the bitterness of the  herbs. We disposed of the wine that was soaking. 

When I read the label my eyebrows went *wiggle wiggle* uncontrollably 


Our Mamajuana steeping in herbs for Friday night

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