Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Show Review and Outfit of the Moment

Folks I'm warning you this is going to be a long one! But I promise it'll be entertaining :).

Gossip Girl Review: Rhodes to Perdition
Not for Beginners - SPOILER Alert

So this week was pretty twisted - just the way I like my Gossip Girl! Blair realizes that Chuck is not such a Basshole, a phrase  I treasure deeply, and is conflicted whether or not she made the right choice. Nate acts as his same lame honest boring self but looks really handsome while doing so. Ivy schemes her way Rhodes style into the Rhodes family by claiming Max has been blackmailing her with a sex tape but really he is only blackmailing her for a mere $500,000 and at the end of the show swears to take her down. Lonely boy teams up with his old agent who turns out to be his #1 hater to get him more press and they work together to build up his career. Before this episode I was getting so sick of his self deprecating self because he should've been trying harder and totally skipped out on his book tour! But now his effort lends him - I say lends cause if he goes back down that road again I cannot sympathize for him - my support. I hate Serena because she is selfish and gets away with it and is too pretty for her own good but her look at the disco party redeems all her faults because it made her look perfectly perfect. I think Gossip Girl would agree I mentioned everything worth mentioning . . . . .

Serena looking Perfect

Glee Review: I Kissed A Girl

O glee o glee o glee!!!
The music! The cheesy, preachy, but sweet lessons! amazing! the way Rachel solves all situations with a duet! the acoustic version of perfect?! Pretty f***king perfect. I love when Sue realized how similar Sue/Jane is similar to Ellen. Coach Beast's storyline is always sad because she is a manish looking woman who acts like a girl. But she kicked ass when she had ate a chicken stuffed into a duck jammed into a turkey for lunch. "It's like eating a barnyard in a bite." Coach Beast was somehow able to swallow it all in one . . . While watching I'm wondering why they are letting Pucks mohawk grow in that awkward manner! Shave it even or trim it!  When Puck sings to Shelby I love the look she is giving him. Its all "no way in hell." Another reason why I love Glee is the script! "A Jesus Booze Cruise!" While the episode wrapped up my last thoughts were I hope Kurt gets into NYADA and wow Rachel has come a long by not being selfish and overambitious and sacrificing herself so Kurt's slate is clean. As usual when the episode ended I had teared up at least twice. I eagerly await next weeks episode. 

Rat tail Mohawk

Outfit of the Moment: 
Not ready for my money shot Husband!

Ready, Set, Pose!
Hat: Saks Fifth Ave (Black Friday Steal), Earrings: Aldo, Sweater: H&M, Tank: Target,
Scarf: Lots of Tichels, Skirt:F21, Socks: Snatched from sister-in-law, Shoes: Steve Madden

Close up of my sparkly earrings

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