Thursday, December 22, 2011

Outfit of the Moment: Fancy Riding Lady/Professor

Its been soo long since I've posted, sorry readers! Thanks for coming back! Today was the weirdest day. It started off raining cats and dogs! Since when does it rain in December - especially before days before  Christmas. I'm not complaining because by the end of the day there was a giant rainbow in the sky that my husband called To tell me about while I was buying him a gift. Happy Holidays Ya'll! I'll keep you posted with gift ideas for your guy and a yummalicious recipe for potato latkes. 

Amazingly Different Song! Love the sloow beats on this tune

Outfit of the Moment: Fancy Riding Lady / Professor Lady
Boring neutrals to reflect the yucky weather.
 I hate neutrals even though they compliment my coloring.
 I love my brights and my crazy colors  not matter how it looks :-)

Don't ask about the chair lol
Hat: Saks Fifth Avenue, Blazer: The Limited, Necklece: Express, Sweater: H&M,
 Blouse: Anne Taylor, Skirt:French Tube Skirt, Boots: Hunters

Peeking beneath my high roarin twenties hat

One last picture clooooooooose up


  1. nice pics!!! lovely outfits, gorgeous, skirt and blazer!!! adorable hat and necklace... following you now..

    join my christmas giveaway!!!


  2. thanks so much! just checked out your blog! so excited to read more!