Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sharing Music, Weeknight What?!, Outfit of the Moment

 Here are some songs I recently discovered that I am addicted to. Hope you like them! Feel free to share  your music loves with me.

Favorite Song of the Week

The Morning Wake Up Song

The Vacation Song

The Chill Song

The Romantic Song

THe Move to the Music Song

The Sexy Song

Last night I was all snuggled up in bed catching up on 90210 in my pj's and the last thing I expected to do was go out! But my friend Rina just finished finals and that was reason enough for me. We all headed to PD's a dive bar in Sq. Hill which is really Frank's and George's but it's been PD's forever so that's what I call it and two gatorade cocktails, a bloody mary, and a shot of tequila later . . . . 

Sarah and Rina!

Weeknight what?!

Outfit Of the Moment: Prep Swallowed a Giant Magenta Pill
 Please excuse my scary eyes. My computer is on the fritz right now so no awesome photo editing         Headband: Target, Blazer, H&M, Sweater: New York & Company, Button Down: Old Navy, Skirt: Gifted, Tights Express, Bag: Brighton, Shoes: Steve Madden


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