Saturday, December 10, 2011

Troll Looking Yummy Tasting Cimanin Buns

Cinnamon is one of my favorite flavors and scents. I don't know if I would chalk it up as a red head thing but growing up those cinnamon flavored fireballs drove me wild!

Cinnamon buns which I can't help but think of as cimanin are one of my favorite pastries! I love the combo of gooey cinnamon and cream cheese frosting! Just typing about it makes me salivate for them! When I was thinking of what to bring to a Friday night potluck it was a no brainer when as soon as I saw the recipe and accompanied pictures on this website. The Foodess has so many amazing recipes I can't wait to try!

I wasn't able to follow the recipe every step of the way and the dough didn't rise properly :( but they still came out delish!!

Was listening to this song on repeat while baking

LOVE my KitchenAid!

Trying to be precise by measuring my rectangle with a measuring tape from Gary's toolbox 
Spreading the filling! Shouldn't have mixed the butter in whoops!!


Mouthwateringly yummy and gooey!

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