Monday, June 11, 2012

Featured and Giveaway Score!

Recently with my blog I feel like things are going in slow motion. I am having trouble getting it together so here is a quick post just to quick start the inspiration flow to write more!

I recently submitted and was featured on a favorite blog of mine whose mantra is striving to stay smart, stylish, spiritual, & sane marching to the beat of our own drum. Pretty cool and spot on right? Mimi, who runs the blog, writes on a lot of hot topics and always tries to stay objective and honest. I say check it out!

My submission and feature was just some yummy simple recipes . .  . check out my feature here!
Enjoy and make sure to share :-)

I also recently scored some awesome gift cards to some of my favorite stores Anthropologie and Free People for winning a contest! I had to submit a photo of a look and I got brownie points if it was by Bakery Square, a shopping plaza who was sponsoring the contest. I submitted the post the day before the deadline in typical procrastinators fashion and TaDa I won! I can't wait to show you the goods I score as soon as the babies (my excited term for giftcards) show up in the mail!

The winning outfit . . . .  .

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