Thursday, June 14, 2012

Travel Diary: Japan Part V

Soooooo much to post!!!

I could probably do five more posts but I'll try to limit it to make one more besides this - folks me doing 6 posts on Japan is considered restraint! Ha! Lol! Thanks for putting up with me!

We knew this was our second to last day and last night in Japan so we really ran around town to see as much as possible! We went to see the Toyota Showroom one of the biggest in Japan! Apparently Lexus isn't sold in Japan they just have fancier Toyotas?!

We then went to Harajuku doing our best to beat the weather! We also went to window shop at Shibuya 109 which is filled with crazy funky trendy stores and crazy funky trendy dressed people. I took a bunch of street style pics - my eye ballss were literally falling out of their sockets!!! (I'll do a trend report in my next post) After Harajuku we went to the hotel took a breather and went out again for lunch to the only kosher restaurant in Japan. The Jewess inside me was thanking me so hard for feeding her a much needed bagel and falafel after too much fish and rice and veggies.

After lunch we were pooped and and once nightfall came we headed to see the Tokyo Sky Tree and got din din (fish, rice, veggies, and sake).

Intensely playing one of the interactive Toyota games. He looks way cuter than I do!
I sucked! I came in 3,600 place
Taken! LOL!
Gary and the smallest car
Me in the biggest car
Race winning car - now this was a Lexus
Wish we could've fit the whole pink plane in the frame it was so pink and big!
 And yes the name of the store was Pink Latte. I HAD to go inside!
Feelin Supa Old Hollywood Glam!
Shirt: Tobi, Skirt, H&M, Shoes: Steve Madden, Necklace: F21, Earrings: F21Shades: Amazon

It was like getting a snack in Candyland

The other photo had the wooorst lighting so here is a better glimpse of the pink and white sweetness
(and my gloomyness lol)
Right before the rain! How pretty is the back of this shirt!

Late Sunny Lunch!

Finally! Food that I can decipher! 

Eating it up super fast!Shirt: Thrifted, Skirt: Momo International, Shoes: DVF, Shades: Izod, Necklace: F21, Earrings: David Yurman

All posey posey with the Sky Tree

Closer view

That is A LOT of hair product!
VOGUE! In semi English!
As much as I love a glossy devoted to gingerness the cover model is a sham!
 A sham I tell you! THey can do waaay better! Like someone with naatural red hair ;-)
Then sushi! (salmon, and tuna, w/ veggies inside we triple checked)
Believe it or not, me the Queen of all that is Sweet, was not in the mood for anything go figure
But I'm not going to deny how good everything looked mmmmmmm
The cutest little family on the train! Sleeping kiddies how cute!
 Look how accessorized that little girl is - count me impressed! 

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