Monday, June 18, 2012

Travel Diary: Final Post of Japan

The final post of our lovely trip to Japan. I loved the visiting Japan so much! It has the most amazing, graceful, kind, and refined culture I have seen yet. Our last day was bittersweet - I was so excited  to returen to the comforts of my home but sad to say goodbye to an old beautiful culturally rich country. 

Certain things I picked up on:

  1. No one speaks perfect English - I welcomed this because I felt more engulfed in the culture
     - but being able to speak English is a status symbol
  2. You will be able to find many delicious French bakeries because french pastries are very popular 
  3. Japan is very clean and no one and I mean NO ONE  litters
  4. Walk on the left side not the right
  5. There are multiple types of thank you's
  6. A sushi chef has the equivalence of importance as a  doctor does in the U.S.
  7. There are still Japanese women who dress in a kimono or yukata that you'll see on the street
  8. Genuine Geisha are hard to come by
  9. Deer are sacred and you will not find it on the menu in Japan
 10. The Japanese will eat ANY kind of seafood
 11. Fruits and vegetables are mostly imported and are difficult to grow in Japan
 12. While jeans and t's can be sighted, most people including cab drivers wear suits even at
        12 am
 13. It is completely normal for girls to wear really short skirts but not a hint of cleavage will be seen
 14. The subway system is REALLY  easy
 15. The bars and clubs are really clean for bars and clubs
              i.e. no sleezy guys, dirty sticky floors, or picture taking
 16. The Japanese love lines - will line up to get on the train, wait for an escalator, really anything!
 17. People either have flip phones or Iphones?!
 18. You take your shoes off before entering a dress room
 19. The sales associate in a store will sometimes walk your bag to the exit of the store and
       then hand it to you

Last Day
We woke up at 8 am to visit the fish market but couldn't quite manage to get up at 4am to see the auctioning off of the prime cuts of fish to wholesalers. We did however enjoy the freshest sushi breakfast we will ever have and two cups huge glasses of sake complimentry of a new friend.


Taking pictures is frowned upon I snuck one in ;-)
Cucumber roll 
Tuna and Salmon Rolls
Our new friend! (please note the bottle of sake)
Gary: Target Polo, Izod Shorts
Me: Shirt: Jupe, Short: F21, Neclace: H&M, Shades: Amazon
Saying good bye to our lovely hotel :-(

As promised
Trend Report: Tokyo Street Style

1. Sweet Shapes w/ Peter Pan Collars

2. Black Thigh Highs w/ Thigh Grazing Skirts

3. Coral and Cream

4.  Hipsters Creeping in from the West

Harajuku Girls!

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