Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Welcome to My Closet Score!

I've been soo obsessed with bright colored nails that if for one day they are bare I get really self conscious and try to hide them.  As you can see my newest additions are exactly that - Bold, Bright, Summery COLORS!!

Love me some colors. Maybe its the crazy ginger in me but I have to be splashed with color or else I feel depressed (as if my red hair wasn't enough color)

Do you like my new colors? What colors are you feening this season?

         Can you use feening that way?

Mod Square, Are We There Yet, Arizona, Quick Canary, Turquoise & Caicois, Hydrangea Kiss, Swimsuit...Nailed It

With these three colors  . . . . 

I am officially equipped to do a little something I call 

 Sunset Ombre

I don't know why they chip so fast I literally did them last night at 12 am, but aren' t they pretty

So you remember that Bakery Square Contest right? So yesterday after an orientation at my new gym Urban Active (located in Bakery Square as well) I put that $50 gift card to Free People to good use.

I picket up a comfy pretty lacey coral shirt for $29.95 - available in grey and white but obviously I gravitated to the one color they do have. It has a wide neckline and is versatile in a way that can be worn in summer or winter and of course two statement necklaces $9.95 each a total of $51.25 so baaasicly on budget :-)

Wondering about the Anthorpologie one? Well I recently got a 15% off coupon for my birthday that can only be used in July, so I am waiting till to get maximum usage ;-)


Feathers might fall off but that would probably be a quick fix

Whoops I totally forgot to show the clothes I was FORCED to buy while I was in Japan .. . . .

I don't know the names of any of the places I purchased these :-(

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