Monday, June 4, 2012

Travel Diary: Part IV

Day 4-6

After dinner with Dr. Okada we ran to the Shinkansen to catch the next 200 mph train to Tokyo to make it before sun down which we did :-). We relaxed and toured the area that we were staying on Sat - Mon. (because as a religious Jewess I observed the holiday Shavous) We stayed at the Hotel Monteray La Soeur Ginza (I know its a mouthful) and totally lucked out with the location having blindly booked hoping for the best - the area is super high end with stores like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Harry Winston literally just around the corner.

Day (Night) 7

To take advantage of every moment we were in Japan, Monday night after sundown, we hightailed it over to Oedo Onsen, a 24 hour hot springs "theme park" as the Japanese translate it to English - but basically a hot springs spa. We stripped down and dressed in a Yakata, a traditional Japanese robe and set about to relax as much as possible. The men and women's areas hot springs baths were completely separate but we were able to do the foot baths and the relaxation room together which was nice. I suffer from major separation anxiety whenever I am apart from him so we kept the bathing to a minimum.

Day 8

We started really early to make up for lost time  . . . and when I say early I mean wake up at 6:30 am and hit the road or in this case subway by 8!

This is very unusual for me considering when we go on vacation I am adamant about sleeping in! I refuse to rise before 10! Japan is a different story though. How often will I get to go to Japan? Don't want to miss a moment!

We headed to the tourist information center in the train station which suggested we take a bus tour of Tokyo. To kill time waiting for the tour we walked around and eventually pooped we headed to Starbucks - they had Matcha or green tea frappachinos - weird! I settled for a green tea giant maccaron :-) Gary settled for a giant water bottle :-)

After the tour we went back to the hotel to change into more appropriate attire to easier stomp around the city. It was so hot we did a whole outfit change! To the Imperial Palace - or the gates cause we weren't allowed into the actual thing - we went. Our next stop was the aquarium! Not as impressive as Marine Land but triple as entertaining to listen to everything in Japanese ;-)


These stones are supposed to be therapeutic to step on?!
I know you can't tell from our expressions but so painful!
So peaceful! 
Pastel Prettyful!
Shirt: H&M, Skirt: JcPenny, Shoes: Sole Society, Shades: Free People, Necklace: H&M,
Purse: ShoeDazzle, Earrings: David Yurman, Ring: Gifted
Actual directions how to take the steps!
Yum! . . . . . Not!
We look so appetizing we are featured in the front of the window - beak and all!

Glug glug glug! Helping myself to Gary's Ginormous (100 yen!) waterbottle 
Green Tea Maccaron!
Cute couple getting married!

Gary! Behave! Just smile! and keep your eyes open! 
Forget it! Gimme kiss!
Freshly changed ready to tak on the Imperial Pala - I mean Imperial Gates!
Siiiiigh sexy beast!
T: S5Ave, Shorts: Izod, Sandals: Naot
Feeling like a petite athletic colorful version of Alexa Chung
Shirt: Jupe, Skirt: UO, Shoes: Steve Madden, Shades: Amazon,
Purse: Vintage, Earrings: David Yurman, Necklace: Mikimoto

Gary the navigator 
Damn you sun! You make it very difficult to open my eyes!
Very excited to see this ginger on the Silver Screen
I'll take the one in pink please!
500 yen for this delicious apple! Soooo worth it after so much rice!
We were the only ones in the audience who actually purchased popcorn . . .
Yuuuum! This totally disappeared before the show started lol!

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  1. Sexpot!!! Japan looks amazing and you look like youre having a romantic time!