Thursday, April 26, 2012

A New Aunt

Quick Vid to enjoy while reading

If you don't think Darren Criss was dreamy you are crazy and
 your opinion will likely change after this video. 

New York

New York is a place I always end up. It's inevitable I am going to be there. I have SO much family that lives in NYC (three married with children siblings). The occasion for this trip if you can recall from this post  is because my sister Rikki had her first child. I am not going to say I am her favorite sister and that she is mine cause the rest of my family is reading this but lets just leave at we are verrrry close :-)

While Rikki was paying her parking ticket - its New York it happens to EVERYONE - me and my mother went exploring and ended up near Coney Island. WHoops. LOL I really wish the rides were open!

Shirt: Banana Republic, Skirt: ZARA, Shoes:. Luxury Rebel, Bag: ShoeDazzle, Shades: Grove City Sunglasses Store?, Necklace:F21, Earrings: Aldo, Bracelet: Custom Navajo Gucci Cut

Damn sun in my eyes

How fun is this bag

Mini Photo Shoot with EB (Elijah Benjamin) 
How precious is this babeh

Babies are fascinating. Especially EB
. I could watch his little baby movements all day

EB, this is a kiss. Get used to it. You are going to be getting a lot of them from your Auntie Mouss


Made it to IFB's weekly round up! I checked out a bunch of them and there are some really great reads and tips!

 I especially love the Easy Petite Looks's link cause standing a little under 5' myself, its nice to be able to relate to someone of similar height to me instead attempting to work outfits that work on  beautiful amazonian bloggers but not so much on my childlike tiny frame!

Spring Style Inspiration

Edited by: Wendy of Show Me Chic


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