Friday, July 20, 2012

Confessions from a Firecrackers Dressing Room

Seeing how often I go shopping I might as well share the awkward and fun experience with you - and why a piece of clothing should go home with me at the end of the night . . . . so may I introduce to you dear readers Confessions from a Dressing Room.

Given all the drama between Tavi Gevinson, the original fashion blogger so jelly of her work,  and Seventeen (not that my work is anyway near theirs), I am going to put it out there  that this new series was inspired by one of my favorite petite bloggers -  Extra Petite.

Also I've been obsessing over this song

BCBG  . . . .
    I love that store. Everything is fun, classic and timeless and most importantly modest. Most of the time I walk out with a purchase because everything is so beautiful.

This is a gorgeous hi-lo skirt I drooled over when I saw it online. The perfect neutral tank day dress! BCBG was having a super sale of an extra 20% off all their sale merchandise so I thought I would give it a try! OOOoo I was not expecting this when I tried it on ^

Fit: I like clingy because who likes to get lost in a garment? But seeing the indentation of my belly button? Too much! I picked up an XXS and an XS and they differed very little in circled ares - even the length?!

Price: One of the methods I use when shopping - I pick things up I like, I try them on and if doesn't fit or werk I don't even bother with the price tag. Buuut if something werks with my figure/shape and I LOVE it, a and I can't stop thinking about - yes I get that way with clothes - I check out the price and then debate on getting it lol. 

Basically I don't know how much this dress cost lol. 

Speaking of love, I loooove love this skirt. 

Fit: I think I picked up a small. I could've gone bigger or smaller because its like wearing a bright green (chartreuse) spanx - it hugs and snugs you in :-). I have a weakness for pencil skirts. Whoever invented them was a genius - figuring how to make a woman's waist look small and curves look, well curvier ;-) just amazing! Thank you!

Price: This was originally $148. It was 60% off and was an additional 20% off - making it $77 and some change. A worthwhile splurge in my opinion. Extra bonus - I lugged myself to Ross Park Mall so technically I saved on shipping too lol! 

Other factors: I love the length of this skirt! Being a pencil skirt it sits high my waistline I can tug it down to be more modest (as pictured) or hike it up a little for nights out ;-)

I went to Florida (post coming soon) packed this and one other skirt and wore it a million different ways - another post I should do lol. 

Mini Closet Score

 I am sure you remember a little contest I entered a while back. I won two gift cards - one to Free People and one to Anthropologie. After July 1st w/ my birthday coupon (July 23 cause I know you are wondering ;-) and my gift card in hand I hurried to make the current summer sale they were running. I got two pieces. The printed sheer cardigan which is so much prettier in real life and the bright blue cerulean netted dress/top. I think I'll settle on calling it a chic beach cover up. I haven't figured it out yet but as soon as I do I will sharing it with you. I also picked up this really cute polka dot top and my beloved chartreuse BCBG skirt - which can be paired with all three tops pictured!

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  1. The skirt looks amazing! I really love the colour.