Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cancun Quickie

Cancun beckons to us once or twice a year and we listen! When we go, we go for three or four days so as the title suggests a real vacation quickie!

This time through Apple Vacations, we booked something called the "square deal." Included is flight, hotel, food and drinks, and two way transportation to the airport - the catch? We don't know the name of the hotel we will be staying at until we get to the gate in our hometown airport! There are some guarantees so we weren't THAT worried:

  • they let us know what area the hotel is located
  • the hotel is rated at least five golden apples  - the equivalent of a four star - on the travel agency website
  • there aren't that many hotels with golden apples in specific areas so we can pretty much narrow it down to two or three hotels 

Let me tell you . . . we did not suffer :-)

I give you Iberostar Cancun :-)

The beautiful view from our room .. . heaven right!
Just stepped off the plane and taking it all in
Shirt: Old Navy, Skirt: H&M

The King overseeing his Kingdom - from the elevator  (even the elevator has a gorgeous view!)
Shirt: Brooks Brothers

Freshly squeezed juices for breakfast! YUM! It was all so fresh!
One oddity I find btw, is that my face never tans?!
Shirt: Gap/sister, Skirt: sister, Earrings: F21
Lunch is served
Fine I'll be honest with you - the second half was all carbs hehehehehe

The day spa pool! It was so beautiful and secluded.
 I felt like we were in our only little world it was so peaceful
With a shot of Bailey's added this makes the perfect pregame all nighter drink!
Partying it up at Coco Bongo
Dress: Express, Earrings: F21
Of course Gary found a hookah/cigar bar in the hotel
Gary: T:Fruit of the Loom, Shorts: Mall store?
Myself: Dress: Jason Wu for Target, Belt: BCBG

We didn't go to Cancun specifically for this concert but what a weekend to choose to go!
 We reserved tickets as soon as we found out Enrique would be there

Outside the "box office" to pick up our tickets. 

Self portrait :-)

Having a tourist moment!
We snuck up to the big spenders (tickets $500 - $1000)area until we got kicked out :-)
Top: F21, Shorts: F21, Belt: Wetseal, Earrings: F21

Getting up close and personal with the dream boat crooner himself 

The whole time I was sitting on the edge of my sit to hear this song. Listening to it live brought me down memory lane major to middle school in Rochester. I snuck listening to it in our computer lab thinking I was such a rebel LOL. 



  1. It looks like you had a fabulous time!!! I am in love with your concert outfit!!! Do you have any more pics of it and can I borrow it? Also enjoyin seeing my polka dot top being worn by the firecracker herself :)


    1. we really did! we seriously went out every night! a huge accomplishment for Gary! you can totalllly borrow the leather hot shorts and purple thing has lots of room for that pookie in there! See how I werk what you thought could never be werked! I say, challenge me again! LOL