Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pastel Pretty on Polyvore, IFB Project #39

It's no secret that pastels are IN. I would love to say I don't follow the trends and I only do whats me but that is kinda impossible to claim since I make subconscious choices based on fashions that inspire me every day from fellow bloggers, to pinterest, to styles flouncing down the runways.

Pastel Pretty

Wow Couture art deco dress, $75 Matiko red wedge, $193 Dr. Martens lace up shoes, £100 Patent leather shoes, £33 Oasis zipper bag, $75 Stud earrings, €12 Valentino floral scarve, £259 Plastic shades, $5.50 Pastel Wishes, $5 Pretty Pastel Basic Backpack, $28 pastel goth | Tumblr
Collier Gouttes Pastels

 The Queen diva herself, Lady Gaga who knew from day one Mint was the new black.

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