Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Travel Size Beauty

Behold my must-haves for every day use and thank god they are all under 3.4 oz so I can bring them to Cancun with me!

I am on a slow journey learning about skin and tailoring the products I use according to my skin type. I recently found out that the pink in my cheeks is caused by rosacea . . . who knew?! So I've been running away from any skin products that may seem ultra chemicaly and racing to products with more natural and basic ingredients. Lemme know if you have any recommendations!

Just want to give a shout out to my new clinque powder which calms down my redness in a gentle way with yellow tinted mineral powder! I will def post a picture of half my face done so you can see the difference.


  1. I have rosacea too! I use the Makeup Forever HD primer in green to counteract the redness before I put on foundation. I also use Clinique's sun screen in green to also help fight redness. As far as cleansers/moisturizers I use natural hand made products from skin instantly feels better :)

    1. Genius! I'll have to try the green products out! Never heard of Lush but always looking for cleansers that don't make make my skin even redder afters its washed. Definitely worth a try! Thanks for the tips!!