Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shoes . . . How to Narrow it Down?

I have done a lot of traveling  . . . . but still cannot say I have mastered packing. I have such trouble deciding what shouldn't go because doesn't every girl need options?!

We went to Cancun for a three day getaway and I went from this:

Top: aldo, luxary rebel, lucky top, DVF
Bottom: london boutique, shoe dazzle (first purchase!), jessica simpson, aldo, audrey brook

To this:

That ladies and gentlemen is what we call progress! What shoes can you not part with when packing for a weekend gettaway?


  1. Ha, i know that problem, after traveling so much and thinking i am a packing queen, i always find myself stressed when it comes to what to take with me. So i figuered out just one thing for me, i only take one pair of high heels with me

    x mimi

    1. that makes so much sense and is so practical! but just one?! lol