Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Travel Diary: Japan Part III

Day 4: Friday, May 25
Kyoto & Nara

Gary played hooky (for those youngins that means to ditch on an activity) on his conference so we could tour more of Japan. We decided upon Kyoto, which used to be the capitol of Japan, the home of the Imperial family, and where many shrines and temples are.  We added Nara to the tour based on the sole fact that we would get to pet deer. Deer are holy according to Shintuism and the Japanese don't eat them.  Many deer can be found near the Big Buddha and other revered locations.

After our exhausting day out, where we met many single travelers who had a lot to say along with an Israeli couple which we shared heated conversations with, we headed back to Nagoyo to break bread - or in this case sushi with Gary's boss Dr. Hideo Okada who is originally from Japan. He is well aware that we keep kosher and are vegatarian so he ordered for us at a traditional Japanese restaurant accordingly. I took photos of the food we didnt eat because well - it just looks entertaining! You'll see . . .  .

The Shinkansen - or Bullet Train
Rice fields
It was a bus tour so fitting to have a bus picture. Fun fact: The red circle on our shirts signified we were vegetarians - damn these people are good!
Beautiful gardens in Nijo Castle, the temporary Imperial Palace of the Shogin in Kyoto
Smiling! In front of some gold building 
Shirt: UO, Sweater: H&M, Skirt: F1,  Shoes: Merrel/Little's Shoes Store, Necklace: Gifted/Rikki, Earrings: Mexico, Bag: Aldo
Literally coated in gold
Lunch Break! The only thing I ate from this was the vegetarian miso soup w/ tofu.What would you eat?

Moshe "casually" talking to Gary
Big Buddah

Deer Park in Nara! These deer were so friendly - as long as you had food

Little Miss Posey Posey at the site of the Temple Lantern Park
Avacodo Tofu! Ding Ding Ding! This I ate! It tasted soooo weird. But better to eat it than starve lol
Flying Fish! This fish literally flies! Thus the wings sticking out of the bowl
Mini Squid? I have no idea what this is - so no I didn't eat it
Plum Liqueur Cocktail - Delish!

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