Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Travel Diary: Japan Part I

Day 1

Whoooooa I am ZONKED!

 Its Wednesday 8:45 am in Pittsburgh and 11:45 pm in Japan - we've been traveling since 12 pm on Tuesday! Traveling can be such a mess!!!

Everything was fine while we were waiting in the United Lounge and we left to go to our gate on time to only realize it was delayed to the point where we missed our connecting flight in Chicago! We had to wait on a HUGE line to try to figure it out but luckily they switched our flight from United to American Airlines and the downside . .  . . we lost all our specifications we requested a week earlier like roomier seating for Gary's injured leg and kosher food.

 The flight attendants looked at us like we were crazy when we asked if there was by any chance kosher or vegetarian food "Guys you need to order that at least 24 hours in advance" my reply was "Ma'am we are lucky we are on this flight even!"

As if we wanted to switch our international tickets last minute?!

The best (worst) part . . . . yup you guessed it! With all the confusion and switching of flights they lost our luggage! Gary is going to scramble to find a suit to present in and no outfit posts until I can buy or get my luggage :-(

In the airport lounge.
I'm not a pants person but for traveling sake - my legs gotsa to be kept warm on the freezing plane!
Do you like Gary's foot?

Day 2

Another plane ride from Tokyo to Nagoya and two train rides later we made it to our hotel! Prime location baby! Just half a block from the subway!

My first thoughts:

By the time we hit Nagoya train station it was 10 pm and the station was bustling! A lot of the girls were dressed really juvenile like something you would see in an anime comic book (flowy dresses, huge hair, platform shoes) but most were dressed  really formal and I mean black business suits on men and women, black tie, black brief case . . . basically a sea of young and old professionals dressed in black and white. I wonder if all these people were really working until 10 pm - now that's what you call work ethic!

As we attempt to navigate the country the people who we have asked for help so far have been very eager to help and so polite!

First purchase! Next purchase plans . . . sushi or shoes? hmmm
We made it!
 And still looking fresh if I may say so myself!

I will keep you posted on my second thoughts . . . . ;-)

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