Friday, April 27, 2012

Travel Diaries: A New Aunt II

More Whitney Love

I admit the one thing my post yesterday was missing was a picture of Rikki and EB. 
How gorgeous are they! I swear we are sisters - she just looks like my dads side and I look exactly like my mother. 

Prospect Park outing. How awesome is Rikki's smize!
Dress: AE, Bracelet: Hermes, Earrings: I have to ask her

Outfit of the Moment:

Hipster trying to make do with the nasty weather

 when I only packed light stuff for pretty weather. I know, I am quite the idealist. 

Side note about the hat - I snatched this from Rikki's husband, Ari. When I asked if I could keep it, Ari asked me if I minded wearing something second hand. "Ha," I replied "I am the Princess of Second Hand". Cause second hand stuff is cheaper and has stories. This hat's story is that it was purchased from a costume shop near Broadway which means it was used on Broadway show. How cool!!

Shirt: UO, Blazer: XOXO, Skirt:F21, Boots: Thrifted (italian leather for 18.50!)
Hat: Thrifted/Gifted, Necklace: F21, Ring: Rikki, Earring: Saks Fifth Ave

Polish Nails Club Otherworldly

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