Thursday, April 5, 2012

Local Craziness and Chicago

First I HAVE  to address the local craziness that is happening in Pittsburgh before I blab on about the wonderfulness (and crazy gas prices) of Chicago.

University of Pittsburgh or Pitt, as the students and locals call it, has experienced at least FIFTEEN bomb threats to date on the famed Cathedral of Learning and other buildings on campus. The police are offering a reward of $50,000 for the identity of the culprit. This cuckoo kid has disrupted many classes and cost the university thousands of dollars every time they sweep the building for the bomb. Thank god no one has been hurt. If you know anything please help stop this craziness that is makes the most livable city in America unsafe!

To read more click here. The numbers are not updated from today's threats. As I am writing this now there has been ANOTHER bomb threat - WTF?!


Gary has been planning on attending the annual AACR (American Association Cancer Research) conference for a couple months and I have been hesitating on going with him because my older and very close sister is expecting her very first child!

Last minute I decided to accompany him and I loved every minute of my stay and was happy I didn't have to be separated from my lover. I am definitely adding Chicago to my favorite places to visit list and plan on going again. There is so much to do! And my sister didn't have her baby yet.

Downfall of living in a super sized city? Crazy ass gas prices!

Might as well be . . .  

It ain't all bad :-)

Good thing about the city thought - so many places to hang out!

Yummy Pomegranate mojito at Hub 51

This my friends is a chocolate shot - made up of Frangelico, Bailey's and other delicousness

Maybe I'll make my own chocolate shot!

Fun times! with Chana Miri
 Touristy Photos:

Downtown had lots of cool architectural structures. Not so sure why but thought I take pictures of them anyway!

Millenium Park

The Bean!

Us in the bean looking all crazy

Harris Theatre - a beautiful sight

There were tulips and all different types of beautiful flora blooming in the park despite the low temp

My dress blends in! totally unplanned 

Dress: Antrhopologie, Shoes: Steve Madden, Earrings: PayHalf

Hanging out with relocated Pittsburgh friends, Aviva and Chaim Huss
Why do the men NEVER smile?!


Spring Inspired Eyes!
Urban Decay Smash, Neautragena Stone Duo, Sephora Aspen Summit,
Anstasia Strawburn Eyebrow powder, Maybelline Falsies

Shading with the best utensils ever

In your face nail color, Revlon Mad About Mango

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    1. thanks for stopping by! thanks for the feedback, so amazing at that!checked out ur blog pretty cool too! def gonna check back there for new posts!

  2. Ooh Anish Kapoor! I love his work so much!


  3. Beautiful!