Monday, April 2, 2012

Pinspiration #1

Pinterest is an amazingly fun and inspiring website.  Whenever I go on I always get so inspired so I decided I am going to do a series on my pinspirations! I should really make the post I did on s'mores my first one but I am lazy so this one will be lol. This week its nails who knows what next week will bring :-)

I pin dangerously tempting food photos, nails, cool looks, modest fashion, and even menswear so check me out!

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Pinterest's version:

My version:

I looove the combo that Laynie used for her gradient but I wanted to stick a metallic and purple in the gradient (i am obsessed with purple I have purple and magenta shoes, nails polish, eye shadow, blazers, skirts, purses, if it comes in purple i got it.)
  1. Apply protein base coat,  - I used a protein base coat cause my nails are wimpy
  2. Apply white coat so the color comes out better
  3. Use either vaseline or tape to prevent a holy mother of a mess
    - i skipped this step cause i like to skip stuff and payed for it BIG time
  4. Paint a sponge with the colors you want the gradient to come out
  5. Paint two coats of the sponge on nails
  6. Apply top coat

Shiny freshly buffed nails - I suck at shaping and so I just pay $5-7 to get it done at a nail salon

WHITE topcoat

VERY messy but very pretty

Tada! (mostly) cleaned up! So pretty and each nail is different :-)

Essie protein base coat and Seche Vite Top Coat

Sally Hanson White On, Essie Play Date, Revlon Minted, Borghese Chrome

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