Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My HUGE News! Flight Attendent Outfit

Sooo I have been holding back from you guys . . . forgive me? Of course you do! You are back here aren't you! I found out a couples months ago we (my lover and I) had the opportunity to go to an amazing far away country in the Far East. I didn't want to say anything to you until I knew FOR SURE otherwise the trip would be jinxed (not superstitious just speaking from past experiences.) As soon as I found out the trip is a go and we booked the tickets I knew it was time to spill the beans

            . . .  . . . . .  . We are going to Japan at the end of May!!!!! So how does a girl like me get to do something this cool? Well luckily I have an over achieving husband whose research is so incredible (just google Gary Kohanbash and you'll see) that he gets invited to Japan to speak about his research on brain tumor vacines. He will be attending the conference for a couple days and the rest of the time is ours to explore the beautiful country together!


 I am making a commitment to you hear and now to update you through out the trip. Our trip isn't until the end of May so we have plenty of time to plan - this coming from the procrastinator lol. My question for you dear reader is have you ever been and what do you suggest we do?

Outfit of the Moment:
 Flight Attendent Jumping in Excitment for Japan

I found this dress on a website specializing in vintage. I've always wanted a dress that was in your face orange and there were so many reasons I HAD to get it - it has has fun gold buttons, works for my body shape, is vintage, and lover dear does love me in orange!

Dress: Boutique Volf, Shoes: Aldo, Scarf: Gifted/Aldo,
Earrings: David Yurman, Mikimoto, Necklace: Mikimoto, Ring: F21
You would be jumping for joy too!


Duo Tone Mani
Revlon Really Rosy
Revlon Mad About Mango

Fun shoes!

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