Sunday, April 29, 2012

Something Special

One day I'll show you photos from my wedding taken by the amazing Tiffany and Jonathan Cooper and maybe even some from when Gary proposed. 

But today I want to share with you my wedding ring. You'll see it in every post. I never take it off. It represents so much more than just a band sprinkled with diamonds. My wedding ring represents the love, mutual respect and trust I share with my husband, and the commitment to always be working on our happily ever after. 

Scott Kay, Crown Settings M1180RD10 

Tips on How to Be in a Happily Ever After Relationship from Couple's Who Have Been for MANY Years

Many videos of couple's and links to websites with marriage tips have been floating the interent. Its so inspiring to see old couple's love as strong as it was 72 years ago. 

A Sample of Lydia Netzer's 15 Ways to
 Stay (Happily)  Married for 15 Years

6. Do your own thing.

Dan races bicycles. I write books. I don’t race bicycles or have any desire to race bicycles. He doesn’t write books, nor does he even read the books that I write. Seriously. And I don’t care. My opinion is that he’s the fastest, coolest most awesome bike racer ever. His opinion is that I’m the bestest, coolest writer ever.

15. Trust the person you married.

For two people who are trying to help each other, it can almost be harder to let the other person help you than it is to be the one who’s helping. It can be harder to let the other person deflect the fight than to be the one deflecting. It can be harder to believe that your husband is fully committed to a lifetime of marriage than to commit yourself. Harder to change yourself than to let the other person change. Harder to be loved than to love. 

(For the full article click here)

What relationship or marriage tips do you have that makes your relationship everlasting?

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