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IFB & Tanorexic . . . . To Tan or Not to Tan

First I would like to start this post with some fun links I def suggest you click on. IFB is always a source of inspiration for me when I am in rut. Go ahead and click  - who know maybe it'll inspire your next outfit. 

Midis, Maxis, and May

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When I was a little kid, it was tough to find me in anything other than pants or shorts. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I was a tom boy...but skirts and dresses just weren’t my thing. Fast forward 20+ years, and I’ve finally seen the light. Flowy skirts and pretty dresses not only lend an instant ladylike vibe to your look, but they’re also insanely comfortable. This week, plenty of bloggers are embracing the warmer temps with midi and maxi skirts, easy cotton dresses, and all in bold summer colors, natch. They’re looks that even my 7 year old self would’ve approved of!

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Tanorexic . . .  .  .To Tan or Not to Tan

I've held onto this post for a little because it doesn't so much go with the flow, but I decieded if it's in my head it goes with the flow!

I am sure you all heard about the crazy lady in Jersey that allegedly brought her daughter into a tanning salon to get artificially bronzed. This woman, clearly suffering from a complex to be constantly tanned, claims it was a misunderstanding and bringing her daughter with her tanning is like accompanying her to the grocery store. (click here for the full story)

Soo what do are your thoughts on the matter? Obviously her daughter is too young to even consider tanning - but why do most people tan in the first place? So I did what I always do when I have a thought provoking question - I went to see what wikipedia had to say about it!

In the Victorian era every "It" girl sported white skin (sometimes even lightened with lead or arsenic based powder) and the darker skin you had the closer to lower class you were considered. Then in 1920 Coco Chanel accidentally got sunburned and her fans apparently loved the tanned look so much they imitated her and started to adopt darker skin tones themselves. Coco Chanel was one of the reason's why darker skin began to be perceived as fashionable, healthy, and luxurious.

After research and results show excessive tanning is NOT healthy and around 132, 000 cases of malignant melanoma and over two million cases of other skin cancers occur worldwide each year. One in every cancers diangosed worldwide is a skind cancer. (click here for full aritcle)You would think people would avoid tanning like the plague or in this case skin cancer.

Every celeberity or campaign features glowing bronzed goddess. And the worst part . . .  most of the time it's temporary make up! Yet girls all over are exposed to this image the tan is beautiful! 

Two different magazine covers
Two different shades of skin
On the other hand I can understand the appeal. I used to love having tanned skin. While I studied abroad for a year I was constantly trying to take my bronze to the next level. Because I am naturally fair skinned and I don't think you would believe me unless I showed you proof. 

Pretty crazy huh! Half the time I baked in the Mediterranean sun UNPROTECTED. I would never risk my skin again that way. For all I know that was catalyst for the rosacea that I have now. These days I am all about sunscreen and moisturizing and hats, and embracing my natural fair skin.

Where does your opinion lie on the  matter? Harmless habit or toxic routine? 

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  1. Definitely harmless and it's totally obvious. Nobody with cooked skin is sexy. That being said, there is always room for a little of everything. 15 minutes a day in the sun is a healthy vitamin d dose. Bronzer also never hurts...