Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Scents of the Summer

To me, perfume is the finishing touch to the everyday modern woman's ensemble. Perfume is so powerful because it has the ability to evoke emotions and memories. 

My favorite scents of the collection are Acqua di Gioia and Clinique Happy. I fell in love with Acqua di Gioia because when we were first dating my husband would always uses the men's version Acqua di Gio (and now to my urging he still does :-) and the feminine version reminds me of him and the special times we had.

I enjoy the Clinique Happy scent because it reminds me of my mother. She uses Happy as her everyday scent and it reminds me of when I was younger and was getting ready for school and when I left to go to school I was able to taker her with me in the form of the wafts of scent that was Happy. Every know and then I would sneak a spritz because I wanted to be like my mother and smell nice.

These are my favorite scents, each attached with a different memory or reason why I am drawn towards it. What are your favorite scents that evoke memories from you?

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